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Elsewhere – A Journal of Place


Elsewhere is a journal dedicated to writing and visual art that explores the idea of place in all its forms, whether city neighbourhoods or island communities, heartlands or borderlands, the world we see before us or landscapes of the imagination. 


Issue No.5 includes:


Treasure Island: San Francisco, USA by Natalye Childress
“Forlorn bus shelters dot both sides of the road, and the occasional bench appears, unceremoniously placed upon patches of yellowing lawn, between the bleakness of the road and the weather-worn fences surrounding the properties.”


Coming to Cáceres: Extremadura, Spain by Linda Ketchum
“Inside the city wall the stark buildings huddle in the dawn. As the minutes pass, the glow diffuses into a transparent citrus wash that melts into the backdrop of barely-there blue; the sun is ready to slide above the skyline.”


Farewell, for you are changing: Tbilisi, Georgia by Alice Maddicott
“And yet despite having spent so much time in this place, for me, Tbilisi will always be an imaginary city. A place where I fall asleep and streets are fluid. Where I fly over balconies and church-cluttered hills. Where I live in a confusion of dreams and reality.”


Quarantine: Melbourne, Australia by Louise Slocombe
“Perhaps the quiet order would have felt like a release from the fear and chaos of being confined for weeks on an infected ship. But this place must also have felt profoundly disorientating, with wide empty spaces and even emptier days, suspended between an abandoned past and an unknown future.”


Bordercrossing by Paul Scraton
“These borders, especially the ones with fences and checkpoints and guards, always seemed so final. As if this was, and always would be, the dividing line between here and there. And yet I also knew that borders can be erased, or shifted.”


Islanded: Inis Oírr, Ireland by Sinéad Gleeson
“Islands are a place in the mind, a floating piece of grit on the retina, a shape seen in its entirety. Countries and continents expand into long lines of landscape, extend their tentacles into continents, but an island ends at its shores and cliffs.”


Four Houses by Hayley Flynn
“I walked by a house on Demesne Road, a huge home from the suburb’s days of glory. The house was burnt out and decaying, with great cavernous holes ripped out of the roof. Were the skeleton beams that remained cinder, or just blackened from rain and rot?”


The dhow builder of Dubai: United Arab Emirates by Sonia Filinto
“He told me proudly that he would never give up building dhows: “It’s our heritage.” But Ahmed lamented the fact that there wasn’t much local interest in what he was working hard to retain: a piece of the city’s history.”



81 pages




Elsewhere – A Journal of Place No.5

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