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Edgework is an artist-led, online store and multidisciplinary journal with a focus on place.

Edgework Shop

The store brings together a selection of items from a diverse range of creatives with a shared interest in place. We stock digital archival, silkscreen and C-Type prints, as well as zines, books and posters. All the works have been carefully curated from invited participants and a small selection of independent publishers. Many of the items we stock have been produced in collaboration with us and some are newly launched editions that are exclusive to Edgework.

Edgework Journal

The journal is a space for participating artists to give readers an insight into their extended research, fieldwork and working methods. Submissions include musings, observations, opinions and accounts of particular research trips. Intended as an online resource, the journal will grow to include submissions from professionals working in a wide range of disciplines encouraging cross disciplinary conversations and potential for collaborations.

Edgework was founded by artist Layla Curtis.

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